Mobile Devices

  • Laptops
  • Hand-held devices such as cell phones and iPod Touches
  • Tablets

First Steps to take:

  1. Develop an IOS friendly website to anchor learning
  2. Develop device usage protocol for students to follow
  3. Educate your students, parents, and other teachers.
  4. Develop learning activities that effectively utilize mobile devices
  5. Evaluate progress and address any necessary issues

It's Time to Thinking Differently

Save to the Cloud with Drop Box
Develop Online Activities Using No Paper!

Learning Activities That Capitalize On The Use of Mobile Devices:

  • Student response for polling/pop quizzes/content comments
  • Definitions, currency conversion, math equations, translations instantaneously
  • Internet browser to access information/research
  • News articles and current events
  • Online books
  • Education programs/apps such as Google Maps/GPS
  • Digital camera for school projects, publishing, etc.
  • Education of Positive Digital Footprint
  • Voice technology to share lectures/lessons/projects
  • Viewing video content such as Khan Academy
  • Blogging and microblogging about specific content
  • Development of Student Personal Learning Networks

Getting More Specific! Just a tip of the iceberg...check out the wiki pages for lots of resources!

Learning Management Programs such as Edmodo
Project Management through use of Class Website
Knowledge Quests over specific content areas
Self-Checking Google Forms
Edmodo Quizzes
QR Code Scavenger Hunt
Quizlet Flashcard generator
Cloud Conversations using Today's Meet or Type With Me
Digital Storytelling
Photo/Audio Recording for a multitude of activities...i.e. podcasting
Pinterest, Diigo, Delicious, Twitter for Student Personal Learning Networks