The Revised Technology Application TEKS are ready for implementation in the 2011-2012 school year...are you ready?

Below is a breakdown of the changes as gathered from In-Sight, a Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Newsletter. I liked they way they delineated the changes.
For all grade levels:
  • Knowledge and Skills Statements and the Associated Student Expectations are:
    • More challenging
    • Appropriate to this generation of learners
    • Generic enough to scale and shift with technology changes over time
    • Specific enough to allow for accountability
This chart is an overview of the changes from the 1998 standards and the 2011 standards

Technology Application TEKS 1998-20101998 Standards
Technology Application TEKS 2011-?New Standards
Original Four StrandsFoundations, Information Acquisition, Solving Problems, Communication
6 New StrandsTechnology Operations and Concepts, Digital Citizenship, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Research and Information Fluency, Communication and Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation
Middle School
Changes in bundling at Middle SchoolSubchapter B 126.12 Grades 6-7-8 Bundled
Middle School is now Subchapter B 126.14, 126.15, 126.16 Middle SchoolNow separate by grade, creating more clarity in responsibilities for grade level teachers
High School
Changes in Courses at High SchoolSubchapter CHigh School originally included: 7 Courses + Independent StudyComputer Science 1, Computer Science 2, Desktop Publishing, Digital Graphics and Animation, Multimedia, Video Technology, Web Mastering, Independent Study In Tech AppsONE CREDIT REQUIRED FOR GRADUTION
Subchapter C, High School – UpdatedSignificant changes in Student ExpectationsNew Courses Authorized + Independent Study (BOLD)Fundamentals of Computer Science, Computer Science 1, Computer Science 2, Computer Science 3, Digital Forensics, Discrete Mathematics, Game Programming and Design, Mobile Application Development, Robotics Programming and Design, Digital Design and Media Production, Digital Art and Animation, 3-D Modeling and Animation, Digital Communications in the 21st Century, Digital Video and Audio Design, Web Communications, Web Design, Web Game Development, Independent Study in Tech Apps, Independent Study in Evolving/Emerging TechnologiesSubchapter D, High SchoolOther Technology CoursesAdvanced Placement in Computer Science, International Baccalaureate (IB) Standard, International Baccalaureate (IB) HighNO CREDIT REQUIRED FOR GRADUTION