2012, the Year of Curated Sets! What does 2013 hold?

What is it?

Collecting content from across the web to house in one space.
Constructing content into a structured set. Check out this great video that explains curation.

How can this be used?

  • Project research
  • Student PLNs
  • Student Resources
  • Collaboration

Great Sites for Curating Content


Protopage is a great place to curate resources, research, notes

Edcanvas is a great site for students to curate their research

Check out the FILTERED version of Youtube...YouTube.com/education
Lots of curated videos in all content areas at all grade levels!

A very visually appealing site that allows you to collect content and "pin it" to boards of like content.
To get full use of Pinterest, you MUST install a Pin It button on your browser to allow you to collect content from around the web.
Because of the high demand for membership, it is easier to join if you can find someone to send you an invite. You must have a Twitter or Facebook account!

From the Pinterest Website:

Pinterest_info.pngSometimes you will find a website you want to pin but Pinterest can't find a picture to pin. Here is a solution for that problem!

From the Pinterest Blog:

Did you know that you can already use the Pinterest bookmarklet to pin while surfing the web on your iPad (not iPhone, yet)?

Method One (“The Easy Way”): Add the Pinterest bookmarklet to your computer’s Safari toolbar, and then sync your iPad with your computer. When you use mobile Safari on your iPad, the Pinterest button should now be in your toolbar. (NOTE: In order to scroll lots of pinboard in the add-a-pin form, use a two-finger scroll. We’re working on a way to get the scrollbar to show.)

Method Two (“The Harder Way”): First, add a new bookmark (any bookmark) to your bookmark bar in Mobile Safari on your iPad. Second, open your bookmarks by hitting the “open book” icon, click “Bookmarks Bar” and then hit “Edit”. Third, find and open the bookmark you just added. Fourth, change the name (to “Pinterest”) and replace the URL with this one …

Finally, close the “Edit” fields and, voila!, you’re all set.

Click here for a great list of sites for curation.
Some of our favorites besides Pinterest...

Check out these resources!

Mobile Motivation: Mobile Learning Resources Fabulous Livebinder of resources!
Using Dropbox Another Livebinder dedicated solely to Dropbox...how did we ever live without it?
An Educator's Guide to Twitter Need to know more about Twitter? Check out this Livebinder

Here is the Livebinder created for my class this year:

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